Areas of Immigration Law Practice

Immigration is a challenging task both for individuals and employers.

Immigration law consists of massive amounts of material to absorb. There is the INA, the Federal Regulations; case law to know, both the BIA and Federal Appellate cases; and then all the extra fun stuff to absorb – agency policy memos and directives, fact sheets, stakeholder meeting minutes, updates to agency manuals, articles. And it’s also a good idea to keep up with politics, especially as elections approach, because immigration is a politically sensitive issue. A client can often be helped if you know which way the political winds presently blow (not that our beloved politicians would use any issue for personal gain, of course).

And immigration law is diverse, consisting of many different areas; each one having the potential to be a specialty in itself: legal residence and naturalization, removal relief, family law, refugee law, business and employment law (temporary and permanent), etc.