Immigration lawyers – private and government – pull their hair out because the laws they have to work with are glaringly inadequate. Barak Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform, but then got into office and instead hammered a questionable and expensive health care bill into law. This formidable error delivered enough Republican representatives and senators into office in the mid- terms election to anger enough Americans into an almost anti-immigrant fervor. Obama could’ve been a hero, but now he’s seen as a fool and a liar, especially by pro-immigrant groups. The Obama Pandora’s Box now unleashes a black cloud of renegade activity: states unconstitutionally taking immigration matters into their own hands, along with alarming Civil War era talk of revamping the 14th Amendment. So presently the Republicans can blame Obama, Democrats can blame the Republicans, the populace – legal and otherwise – can blame all of them; the systems buckles under the strain, and we are still without a set of workable immigration laws.


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